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VEGAMOUR, a vegan hair wellness company that uses powerful, plant-derived actives with proven clinical and visible results.

The son of an engineer who grew up abroad, Daniel Hodgdon acquired a keen interest in international cultures and biodiversity and would go on to spend years both researching plant actives and creating sustainable, eco-friendly supply chains for major beauty brands around the globe.

Hodgdon established a Fair Trade co-op that sustainably harvests natural bioactives, including one of the company’s staple ingredients, marula oil, while providing sustainable, eco-friendly work to over 5,000 women in southern Africa. Hodgdon also works with his own family farm.



Brand Identity
Packaging Architecture
Packaging Design


Daniel invited us in to re-imagine the Vegamour brand and its products with a new brand ID, visual language and packaging.


Our approach was to provide trustworthy designs that spoke to their core female customer living in the middle of US. We applied numerous discovery options that resulted in a new look and feel that reflected its core values, while pushing the look towards a more modern but friendly look. 


Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Art Director — Sandy Yang