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Staying Relevant Means Staying Indispensable

Whether we are aware of it or not, everything in our world is a designed experience. To understand good design is to understand human experience — how people behave, how people think, and how people interact. Great design becomes timeless when its approach is honest and practical. In the context of branding, when design is simple it transcends being part of the brand and becomes it entirely.

That’s what we aim for in our approach to every project.

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Alex Matthews Founder Taking the creative lead, I often lose hours (or more like days) of my life discovering new brands, typography, packaging, illustrations and even light shows (thank you Behance, Pinterest, Its Nice That et al) in the pursuit of forbidden combinations that might make the cut for some clients. Oh, and listening to mixtapes on Soundcloud or BBC Radio One.
Sandy Yang CEO, Executive Creative Director Fortunate to be able to make cool stuff with great people. It’s that intangible thing that we’re trying to capture and create. Problem solving by design. I’m inspired by risk takers, experimenters, and sometimes random ideas that end up with a clear sense of purpose and vision.
Danielle Calabrese President, De La Calle Brand obsessed. Can be found scrolling the internet late night drooling over new products and vacation destinations. Enthusiastic home cook. Love a great recipe- but also like to improvise. With my husband and family on weekends, mostly outdoors, chasing our two girls around being sure to squeeze them tight!
Jason Bleick Creative Director Fashion designer turned brand formist & type geek. Inspired by global travel, I always say "Travel is Fuel". You will find me exploring with my son, shooting photos, surfing, camping, cooking, listening to some vinyl records, flipping though a few books & rolling incense on my free time.
Erin Kelley VP of Sales, De La Calle Connecting with people is what I love most. Especially about healthy living. Helping a product develop. Watching it blend into someone’s lifestyle. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my daughter and husband. If there is any time left in the day, probably sneaking in yoga, creating a new recipe or planning our next trip!
Marco Serrano VP of Operations Here Originals I love life and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy the simple things and always pushing boundaries of our comfort zone to enable growth and development. As an Operations professional I believe in leading by example, in continuous process improvement and in doing things with love and enthusiasm.
Megan Forbes Art Director, De La Calle I design with grids and alignment only to eventually break them with purpose. Design is my passion, and I create to help others share their stories. I am the only creative in my family so I am pretty much a prodigy. In my free time I am either drinking an aperol spritz, dousing pizza in honey, hanging with friends, or watching animal planet with my dog Cody (on a good day all of the above).
Sarah Bascon Vina, National Sales Director An absolute magpie for good branding, I will buy just about anything if it looks cool. I'm a CPG enthusiast and could discuss the editorialization of Beverage for hours with anyone who will listen. Mom of 2 wild boys and lover of new wave post punk experimental baroque glam rock and Weimar era German Expressionist painting.
Megan Abbott Brand Manager A lover of brainstorms, plants, and good old fashioned magazine stands. Constantly on Instagram, hunting for inspiration from new brands, chefs, photographers and architecture. I’m always making with my hands, whether it’s pottery, crafting a bouquet, or planting an herb garden. On any given Sunday, you’ll find me watering the garden with a mezcal Negroni in hand and Blood Orange on the radio.
Melody Rand Social + Community Manager I appreciate aesthetics, especially in products and packaging. Social media obsessed and love a good conversation with new faces. I find myself collecting coffee table book and match boxes, and enjoy am fueled by a good ole matcha latte.
Sasha Kiyoka Sales Operations Manager The last person you would expect to love the honesty of a good excel sheet. Just a fashion girl with an organizational edge and a love of fresh concepts and "out of the box" thinking. When I’m not swooning over monday.com sheets and excel formulas, you can find me drooling over elegantly plated food or working on one of my fashion projects. Oh, and a special shoutout to my favorite person, Michi (my cat).
Ron Moon Head of Creative Development Born in Tel Aviv and raised in Reseda, I’m a former ping-pong table salesman, failed actor, mediocre director, reluctant designer, surprisingly adequate father, terrible golfer, emotional cooker, hip-hop snob, cinephile, sneaker head, Porsche voyeur, company cheerleader, soft spoken producer, boisterous laugher and world class hugger with a keen eye for impactful media and bespoke design. I’ve been accused of being a hodgepodge of culture and personality. I’m endlessly seeking the human experience. I ask a lot of questions and truly love working with people, for people. Let’s dance.
Riley Arntz Head of Digital A software engineer by trade and a brand operator for 10+ years, I’m the person responsible for executing the technical side of the brilliant and sometimes crazy ideas that come out of the HERE Studio creative process. Aside from the technical hijinks, you’ll find me reading up on new tech, running outdoors, playing golf, or driving fast cars.
Sammy Watkins Los Angeles Sales Road sales dog by trade who feels at home on the road. Huge lover of film and music and aspire to create in both worlds. If I’m not doing either of those things you can find me walking the streets of Pasadena with my little family... or I’m trying to find a haunted house.
Danielle Savage National Field Marketing Manager Getting brands into consumers hands is what I love! With a need to be constantly on the go, it's only fitting I found my way into field marketing. You can often find me with my phone in hand, falling down the internet rabbit hole, seeking new and innovative ideas to introduce products to the masses. My favorite time of the day is when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet, so don't be surprised if an email pops through at midnight! When I am not working you can find me chasing my 3 littles around the house, and battling my husband for the TV remote.
Alejandro Corona National Sales Manager Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, "Tepache" is near and dear to my heart. I am honored, energized, excited and definitely humbled by the opportunity to be a part of Here Originals. Been in the beverage industry for over 16 years, and love it; crunching numbers, strategizing, planning, building relationships and sharing my experience is a passion of mine. When not working, I'm either spending time with the family or watching Baseball, Go Dodgers. My favorite motto is "One Day at a Time".
Steve Hernandez Area Sales Manager Born and raised in San Gabriel Valley, I've been in the beverage industry for over 15 years. I thrive on pressure and love what I do. I believe a requirement to being a good sales person is having a good sense of humor. It lifts you through tough times and ensures that there is always a smile on your face. You exude positivity if you have fun doing what you do. Love what I do, so it doesn't feel like work. Aside of sales, you’ll find me spending time with the family or watching sports, especially my Dallas Cowboys. “Make each day your masterpiece“ –John Wooden
Jeo Aguirre Supply Chain Coordinator A musician who loves recording and writing music. When I am not home, I am either bicycling, kayaking or camping outdoors. I enjoy Classic American Cinema and Art Deco style architecture. My hometown introduced me to motor-racing and I have been obsessed ever since. I am creative, way too organized, curious, and always striving for more knowledge in the "Business World". Specializing in Operating systems and maximizing efficiency through Excel sheets and data is my thing!
Flavio Perez Area Sales Manager A Brooklyn raised cornball who is on a life long journey searching for the best avocado toast in City. When I’m not spending half my age looking for parking at the nearest art installation, I’m at home watching cars drive by with my best friend Shady & Noodles. I’m a big fan of loud noises that sound good together, and am always looking for an excuse to wear my Mets jersey at the next function.
Melvin Tejada Area Sales Manager I love selling brands, it’s a passion that I have. Having the opportunity to do what I love for work is a blessing. When I’m not at work I am with my sons and wife enjoying the outdoors. We love to watch and play sports. One of my biggest joys in life is being able to spend time and coach my boys. On my alone time I love to rock out to 80’s Rock n’ Roll full.
Macon Rippy Area Sales Manager Southern boy who won’t shy away from a mosh pit, and will follow you from a block away to pet your Dachshund. On my days off you can find me on the nose of a surfboard, or booking my next flight to Mexico. Sucker for creative branding, high quality ingredients and spreading love through the food and beverages.
Diane Lieu Copywriter + Brand Storyteller Nose in a book or fingers scrolling furiously kind of madness. Always delving into things; seeking out patterns or finding divinity in the details. Happiest when snuggling up to a sandwich or crafting the perfect sentence. All for feeling feelings and time travel. Consumed by memorable meals, dogs of every variety, brand design, and quirky regional museums. A storyteller, a writer, a seeker, and a conveyor, sometimes all at once.
Taylor Harrell Branding Specialist Branding is the unique space between creativity and business. As a brand marketer and strategist, I strive to understand consumer culture through data and trends and create against that information to meet organizational goals. I believe that effective marketing, from storytelling to a seamless web experience is simultaneously about the feeling it evokes and the ability to meet consumer needs.