We create online and offline visual communication and strategy, along with physical design and branding. 

We also help fund ideas that we believe to be exceptional.


What We Do



Strategy is the foundation of HERE. Our team delivers on research, auditing, and just digging deep into brand strategy and communications. Working closely with founders and operators (often in person) we help define the way brands tell their story, explain the mission and what the future looks like – both visually and with words. The goal is always to assist in guiding towards commercially viable products, services or ideas that thoughtfully capture people’s imagination.


We think big. We get off on brands. We are obsessed with what makes a great brand, well....great! We challenge ourselves how to achieve greatness with effort on less. Our creative process includes a ton of validation in the ideas that form the cornerstones of brands. That is where the magic lives. We bring that magic to life!


We take a functional use-case approach to innovation. Workshops, prototyping and testing follow shortly after. Looking at the periphery and following the line that connects the landscape of any brand means you have to hover over it with a ‘birds eye view’. Only then, can you appreciate where the opportunities lie, and how to use them to achieve true greatness.


Who We Can Help


You’re a pre-launch business
that needs capital and needs brand-led development.

You’re a brand leader
that needs strategic and creative services with a fresh approach.

You’re an investment firm
seeking diligence work on a prospective brand or portfolio company.


You’re an early-stage brand
looking to bring in savvy thinking with a scrappy mentality to marketing.

You’re a private equity firm
looking to turn around or grow a beloved brand towards a liquidity event.

You’re an investor
and there is interest in SIZE or SIZEMIC.

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Brand Design And Identity — Industrial Packaging Design — Brand Strategy And Communication - Qualitative Business + Consumer Research — Brand Design And Identity — Industrial Packaging Design — Brand Strategy And Communication - Qualitative Business + Consumer Research —Brand Design And Identity — Industrial Packaging Design — Brand Strategy And Communication - Qualitative Business + Consumer Research —

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Alex Matthews —
Founder, Creative Director


HERE began as an idea in 2016 while Alex was founder & CEO of Juice Served Here, a beverage company in Los Angeles. The process of creating a brand from scratch, the process and collaboration that entails (branding, multi-channel execution, physical space and interior design, formulations and innovation etc) paved the thinking that perhaps we could do this for others. 

From Bristol, UK, Alex’s career in marketing spans 20 years including stints at G-Star RAW, Forager Project, Trade Shows and regular collaborator with Matte Black Agency.


Sandy Yang —
Art Director

Sandy Yang joined the HERE team in 2018, and also journeyed with Juice Served Here in the process. A true design purist, Sandy has cemented herself as part of the furniture when it comes to making ideas and visuals come to life!

15 years in marketing does things to you. It forces you to dig deeper into why brands do what they do, and who the people are behind those ideas. How does it make you feel? The edge between understanding and discovery is what gets us excited. Is it true that great minds think alike? Our job is to grasp the early majority by being vigorously curious about solving legacy challenges and creating the new normal before it’s normal. 

At our core, we 'get off' on brands and great design!



Food, Music, Design, and Love

With so many choices in the world, its getting tougher to have a real point of difference when it comes to design and branding. We challenged ourselves to answer the question, what makes something great? We still haven’t completely solved this, but after asking the same question over and over, we landed on some ideas.  What does it take to build something that people recognize as a superior product or service? Like the timeless Land Rover Defender. What does it take to build something that will stand the test of time? That will resonate with a large enough audience? That at the end of the day you can say - it was all worth it.



Cooking, Recipes, and Food Photography

We are obsessed with Bon Appétit. It’s no secret. Jamie Oliver started a movement in the UK that embraced un-fussy, gorgeously shot, delicious food and high production quality. He quickly gained serious momentum outside of his regular BBC show. Bon Appétit (under the careful stewardship of Adam Rapoport) picked up that mantel and ran all the way with it here in the USA. We love it when good design, production and photography meet delicious food, with a laser pointer on the UX. Our approach is just that. Make the experience look, sound and feel bloody exceptional!



A Twist Meets Innovation

There have been numerous books, movies and TV shows all focussed on how good design happens and the luminaries that have carved a timeless path. 

Ultimately, we get high on brands. We spend quality time with packaging. We get intimate with it! Not in a Sex Panther kind of way, but in a 'who and why and 'wow that looks (and often tastes) good'. When branding or design is simple, it defies being a brand. It becomes it. Thats our sweet spot.  Jean Prouvé managed to create something so simple, but so timeless due to its honest, practical approach. 

This is how we try to approach each project. How do we communicate what this product or service is trying to achieve, in as little words, phrases, shapes as possible.



Producing, Sharing, Listening, and Dancing

Music is a true passion. It's also obsessive at levels. The true universal language, along with food. It moves you emotionally and can change you. Change your mood. Change the way you see things. The Walkman changed the way we saw cities in the 80's. The Ipod in the 2000's gave us a new perspective for music and travel. Music is linked to identity. Where would Rocky be without that theme tune, or Childish Gambino and 'that video' that is burned in your memory. We love making those connections in our work.



Hugs and Kisses

Love will save the day! 
It always does.

Falling in love, Being in love, Loving someone. Loving something. Missing something that makes you realize you love it. Going the extra mile. Spending the extra money. Putting yourself out. Going out on a limb. We could go on, but its true that we try to convey love in everything we do, so that our clients create things that they fall in love with, and in-turn, that early majority does!