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One Grey Day

One Grey Day wants to be the knit essentials brand that builds generational wealth in your wardrobe.

Founded by Bradley Davidowitz in 2010, Bradleys vision is simple and anchored in the union of detail and restraint. One grey day exists to create heirloom knits: Collections with essential style elements designed to withstand the test of time. Each piece is crafted to be cherished, preserved and rediscovered for continuous reinvention.



Brand Strategy
Mission, Vission, Values
Brand Manifesto
Reason For Being
Brand Identity
Tag Lines
Technical Labelling
Garment Labelling
Website Design & UX


Our challenge was to create a timeless, recognizable brand that strikes emotion in the mind-market luxury cashmere category, while defining its place on customers 'want list'.


After diving deep into OGD brand foundations, we identified the core consumer for their products and began building a new brand identity that embodies their passion for fabrics, and how that connects with their audience.


Creative Director — Jason Bleick
Contributor — Alex Matthews
Copy — Taylor Harrell

Working with Alex, Jason and Taylor at HERE has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. The re-brand was exactly what we needed and the reception to the new look and feel has been incredible. Super professional and detail orientated.
— Bradley Davidowitz, Founder