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Only Skin

Only Skin is a new direct ship mens skincare brand intended for gents looking for cleaner ingredients.

Founded by Greg Wilsey of Venice Brands in 2020, Only Skin is new direct ship mens skincare brand intended for gents looking for cleaner ingredients, convenient subscription model that is regiment based.

HERE Studio and Greg Wilsey teamed up to create a new brand from zero, with a firm grip on what the company should stand for. It would offer well designed products that have been custom formulated to be fragrance free, fully functional (results in less than 2 weeks) and be aspirational enough that your wife or girlfriend would be stealing it from you!



Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
All Packaging
Brand Messaging
Brand Guidelines
Digital Strategy
Website Design
Website Development
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Content Production


HERE worked closely with the Greg and the team at Only Skin to craft core brand communication points, Brand ID, visual strategy, web and photography.


Our approach was to look widely at the category, and investigate the landscape to ensure we remained competitive while differentiated, both commercially and visually. By conducting deep consumer research we crafted a message that speaks to the Only Skin consumer.


Creative Director, Board Member, Investor — Alex Matthews
Art Director — Sandy Yang
Copy — Dana Covit, Diane Lieu