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The New Follain: Clean Beauty Reborn in Partnership with Credo Beauty

March 7th, 2024

We're thrilled to unveil the transformation of Follain, a trailblazer in clean skin and body care under the Credo Beauty family - the unequivocal leader upholding the highest clean beauty standards. This momentous rebranding, artfully guided by HERE Studio, marks a pivotal milestone in redefining the essence of clean beauty. By aligning Follain's refreshed identity and innovative packaging with Credo's unwavering commitment to non-toxic, high-performance, sustainable solutions, we've set a new benchmark elevating what consumers can expect. This powerful collaboration amplifies Credo's mission to transform industry standards through uncompromised clean beauty.

Discover the embodiment of this pioneering innovation in Follain's striking new look - a testament to our shared dedication to holistic wellness, environmental consciousness and making transparent, clean beauty accessible to all at www.follain.com