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HERE Studio Sets the Table for Chulita’s Brand Refresh

March 27th, 2024

Chulita, a gem in Venice Beach, known for its modern Mexican cuisine and mezcal bar, is entering a new phase with HERE Studio at the helm of its brand identity refresh. This collaboration aims to enhance Chulita's visual narrative, blending its Alta-California style with the vibrant local culture of each location.

HERE Studio is set to delve into the essence of Chulita, updating its brand identity to reflect the restaurant's unique blend of local Californian ingredients and authentic Mexican flavors. Our work will encompass a comprehensive exploration of logo designs, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that embody Chulita's spirit.

Our journey with Chulita is not just about aesthetic enhancement but also about strengthening the connection between the restaurant’s offerings and its community roots. Keep an eye on our progress as we refine the brand identity of Chulita, promising a visual feast that matches their culinary excellence.