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All energy is not created equal.

Founded in 2012 by Ben and Carrie Kim, Uptime Energy has been offering low sugar, high flavor energy drinks that appeal to a more discerning clientele.

All energy is not created equal. You know what we mean. That jolt, the jitters, followed by a crash. It’s a quick fix.

Uptime is different. Their sparkling goodness gives you a gentle boost in the right direction. You were headed there anyways. You know what’s on your agenda.

Uptime is there for you in the moments and on the days where you can’t quite get there all on your own. And our formula was designed to feel right. It’s the closest thing you can get to your own energy. It feels like you.



Brand Ideation
Brand Foundations
Brand Strategy
Mission, Vision, Values
Reason For Being
Story Telling
Tag Lines


Our scope for the brand strategy work was to carve out a unique story for Uptime in a stagnant, loud hyper masculine world of energy drinks.


Working behind the scenes, we unpacked Uptime's reason for being, mission statement, brand manifesto and archetypes. Through immersive discovery sessions we unearthed the soul of the brand and create robust messaging that was applied across all platforms.


Executive Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Creative Director — Sandy Yang
Brand Strategist — Taylor Harrell

The brand strategy and copy work completed by the HERE team nailed our scope in quicker time than anticipated. We loved the results.
Ben Kim