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Founded in 2012, Quip set out to prove that good design has a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix gimmicks!

Simons Enever’s journey began at a neighborhood dentist in New York, with a suggestion to use the “cheapest electric brush available” to fight the common, damaging habit of brushing too hard. Years of “innovation” had barely improved the humble toothbrush, and instead, overshadowed the far more harmful, habitual problems that still persist.

Brushing too hard, not long enough or twice a day, not flossing or replacing your brush, and skipping the dentist are often ignored issues. Yet they have a far bigger impact on oral health than a “Bluetooth ultra sonic” brush could ever have alone. So they fixed it.



Creative Direction
Team Reviews


Our founder, Alex Matthews, was appointed by Simon in the role of Creative Director.


Help guide the creative team, and search for a permanent CD to hire, which we successfully did in conjunction with the team at Quip and Good People.


Creative Director — Alex Matthews

"We loved getting to know Alex and his direct and honest approach + appointing our new CD!"
— Simon Enever, Founder