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Popsmith is reimagining popcorn with their modern stovetop popcorn popper that makes at-home snacking fun, memorable, and delicious.

We’re thrilled to be working with Popsmith as their creative partner and are so excited to continue working toward their creative goals in revolutionizing this delicious, easy-to-make, nostalgic snack.





Popsmith approached us to produce a 2-day photoshoot that aligned with their vision, mission, and target audience. We used their brand guidelines to inform creative decisions made throughout the shoot. Their main goal and focus was to promote lifestyle imagery of the ideal Popsmith consumer while highlighting their commitment to quality and detail to be used across various marketing channels, including their website, social media, packaging, and more.


We worked closely with the Popsmith team to execute a 2-day product-focused lifestyle photoshoot highlighting their Stovetop Popper soon to launch in 2023. We provided a seamless in-house production service from sourcing the crew, prop styling, and casting to coordinating logistics like location scouting, wardrobe selection, and equipment rental.These visuals have since been featured on their Kickstarter page, which helped surpass their 30-day pledge goal of 30K in the first 2 days. We’re proud of this team, and can’t wait for people to get their hands on these Poppers.


Jason Bleick — Creative Director (Stills)
Ron Moon — Creative Director (Video)
Shannon Ino — Project Manager
Shelby Moore — Photographer
Terry Rayment — Film Director
Jack Zegarski — Line Producer
Stephanie Fowler — Prop Stylist

"We worked with HERE Studio for our lifestyle photo and video shoot for Popsmith. They helped us A to Z with finding the home, the talent, and assembling the complete crew for the two day shoot. Masterful job and the deliverables were spectacular. Would highly recommend!" — Tal Moore, Founder CEO