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Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is making waves in the flavored water market by perfectly balancing great taste with health benefits. This emerging brand stands out for its commitment to quality and wellness.

In the beverage industry, Lemon Perfect is a game-changer with its zero-sugar lemon water, catering to the health-conscious consumer. The brand offers a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, with a focus on wellness and environmental sustainability. Featuring a unique 15.2 oz bottle and a selection of appealing flavors, Lemon Perfect resonates with a wide audience, particularly people pursuing healthier lifestyles.




Creative Direction
Content Creation & Implementation
Campaign Ideation & Concepts
Branded Video Content


Lemon Perfect eyed an ambitious goal: to relaunch with a splash. With the introduction of a new 15.2 oz bottle and exciting new flavors on the horizon, the brand sought to rejuvenate its image and reach. The challenge wasn’t just about a new look; it was about crafting a message that resonates, visuals that pop, and a strategy that converts curiosity into loyalty. The relaunch was set to celebrate Lemon Perfect, not just as a beverage, but as a lifestyle choice for the health-conscious, the trendsetters, and the flavor seekers.


HERE Studio embraced a holistic strategy to enhance Lemon Perfect's market presence. Our plan involved crafting engaging content, conceptualizing strategic campaigns, producing high-impact photography, and creating immersive video content. The goal was to showcase Lemon Perfect's dynamic lifestyle, dedication to health, and innovation in taste and nutrition. We aimed to present an experience that transcended mere hydration, emphasizing a choice for a healthier and more flavorful life.


This project marks a significant milestone for Lemon Perfect, prominently featuring our 'Big on Water' campaign, a title given by Alex Matthews. This campaign was key to refreshing the brand and redefining its market presence with a compelling message. It showcased Lemon Perfect's commitment to health, taste, and sustainability. The collaboration was more than a mere relaunch—it signified a real reimagining of the essence of making healthful, flavorful, and forward-thinking choices in every drop.



Agency - HERE Studio

Creative - Alex Matthews, Sandy Yang

Managing Director - Julia McCartney

Brand Strategist - Taylor Harrell

Project Manager - Shannon Ino

Design - Peter Morris, Megan Forbes


Photography - Jack Strutz, Ryan Thomas Murray

Creative Direction - Alex Matthews, Sandy Yang

Production - Jack Zegarski, Henrik Larsen

Prop Styling - Steph Fowler

Food Styling - Veronica Laramie

Wardrobe - Allison Calhoun

Wardrobe Asst - Amanda Hall, Malcom Amin

Digitech - Kelly Wundsam, Jimmey Fikes

Photo Asst - Mike Lopez, Nathan Feliz

Talent - Dakota Adan

PA - Jonah Goldberg

Video Shoot

DP - Matthew Wozniak

Creative Direction - Ron Moon

Production - Jack Zegarski, Henrik Larsen

1st AC - Jonny Mauer

Gaffer - Chad Harrell

Swing - Shane Seibel, Luca Coici

Prop Styling - Steph Fowler

Food Styling - Veronica Laramie

Talent - Caleb Jermaine, Idriss Tirado

PA - Jonah Goldberg


"Amazing and talented team. Really strong strategy and creative content. Complemented by their collaboration and positive energy." — Dana Barba SVP Marketing Leader