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As pioneers in the bustling functional beverage sector, IS-BE set out with a vision of delivering clean energy to the mind, body, and soul.

Their offerings are far from ordinary - tailored to inspire creators, mystics, and misfits, IS-BE's unique blend of high vibe beverages promise an experience of revitalizing transformation. But in a market brimming with competition, they needed to craft a distinctive brand voice that encapsulates their unique appeal - quirky, clean, and ultra-cool. That's where our agency came into play, eager to brew up a branding strategy as bold and vibrant as IS-BE's transformative vision.


Brand Identity
Logo Design
Typography guidelines
Color palette guidelines
Brand Style Guide
Website design + development


IS-BE wanted to position themselves as the ultimate functional drink for free-thinking beings. They needed a personable and engaging brand voice that resonates with their aspirational audience, and a visual identity that encapsulates their mission and the unique blend of their product.


Our strategy was to create a brand identity that was as energizing and high-vibe as IS-BE's beverages. We set out to infuse their personality - quirky, clean, and cool - into every element of their brand, ensuring this character shone through consistently across all platforms.


Our collaboration resulted in a strong brand identity that truly stands out in the crowded functional beverage market. We succeeded in creating a brand voice that is engaging, personable, and human - a voice that speaks directly to IS-BE's aspirational target audience.


Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Creative Director — Jason Bleick
Graphic Design & Dev Lead — Chris Cogswell
Brand Strategy — Taylor Harrell