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Follain, a prominent brand within the Credo Beauty portfolio, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its identity and packaging, reinforcing its position in the clean beauty industry.

As a pioneer in the clean beauty market, Follain has been synonymous with safety, efficacy, and sustainability. Under the aegis of Credo Beauty, Follain's mission aligns seamlessly with Credo's rigorous Clean Standard™, championing products that are beneficial for consumers and the planet.



Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Packaging Design
Color Palette


Our challenge was to integrate Follain within the Credo ecosystem, enhancing its brand identity and packaging to reflect the core principles of purity, efficacy, and environmental responsibility, thereby making clean beauty more accessible 
and appealing.


Emphasizing the synergy between Follain and Credo Beauty, we embarked on a rebranding initiative. Our efforts included refining typography to enhance brand cohesion, developing sustainable packaging solutions with the Credo team, and introducing a distinct color scheme to differentiate product lines, all while highlighting the collaborative spirit of Follain and Credo Beauty.


The revitalization of Follain not only solidifies its stance in the clean beauty realm but also amplifies Credo Beauty's mission to elevate industry standards. The overwhelming positive feedback from both teams and customers highlights the impactful synergy between design, sustainability, and brand evolution.

This collaboration between Follain and Credo Beauty, facilitated by HERE Studio's creative expertise aligns the ethos of both brands, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful design, sustainability, and a shared vision for a healthier, more beautiful world.


Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Creative Director — Sandy Yang