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De La Calle In The Desert

In pursuit of a fresh perspective for De La Calle Tepache, HERE Studio embarked on a two-day desert shoot, not just anywhere, but amidst the iconic landscapes of Joshua Tree, CA.

De La Calle, our in-house brand celebrated for its Tepache beverages, sought to merge its core vision with the untamed beauty of the desert. Guided by the imaginative direction of Alex Matthews, the entire endeavor was a testament to meticulous planning and execution by our dedicated team.



Digital Ads
Social Content


De La Calle and HERE Studio aimed to capture visuals that would embody the essence of Tepache against the vast backdrop of the desert landscape. These creative assets were designed to align with the brand's identity, offer flexibility for both internal and external stakeholders, and integrate seamlessly into branding decks, web designs, and digital marketing efforts.


Inspired by the vision of our studio founder, Alex Matthews, we conceptualized a campaign juxtaposing the heat of the desert with the cool, refreshing essence of Tepache. Alex envisioned a shoot that would transcend traditional beverage marketing, delving deep into the brand's spirit. The arid desert backdrop was chosen for its stark contrast, allowing the vibrant hues of the Tepache cans to shine brilliantly. Every shot, every frame, was a dance of colors – the neutral desert palette set against the vivacious Tepache tones. This visual odyssey was not just about showcasing a product; it was about narrating the De La Calle story, one of tradition, innovation, and passion.


Since the campaign's launch, the new photography and digital assets have truly ignited engagement online. This initiative has significantly increased De La Calle’s brand visibility and fostered interaction with their followers. Social media analytics show strong growth in user engagement, including substantial increases in impressions and click-through rates. The campaign's success demonstrates HERE Studio's dedication to delivering exceptional results.


Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Marketing Director — Megan Abbott
Art Director — Megan Forbes
Head of Creative Development — Ron Moon
Cinematographer — Jonathan Chu
Photography — Farhad Samari
Field Producer — Xaviar Burt
Prop Stylist — Lauren Paez Burt
Model — Marissa Mendoza
Model — Carly Foulkes
Model — Alexandra Lopez
Model — Chris Waldhaus
Model — Stephen Wood
Model — Josh Castro
Chef — Kimberly Herrera Cruz
Social Content — Melody Rand
Location — Mustang Ranch, Cascade Ranch