Creative Direction by Alex Matthews + Sandy Yang

By the time the first Romans sailed to the British Isles in 55 B.C., the locals were drinking a cider-like drink made from apples, which their new visitors quickly fell in love with.

Soon enough, cider spread throughout the Roman Empire and across Europe, becoming popular with people from the Germanic tribes to the Normans, whose conquest of England in the 9th century brought apple orchards and the very word “cider” into the English language.

Making healthy beverages has been a collective passion for us for over 25 years. ACV mixed with organic juices and hints of exotic extracts was always one of our favorites. Seeing a void in the market for healthy vinegar based beverages, we wanted to create a modern approachable on-the-go range of drinks that would introduce more people to the amazing benefits of ACV.

Forget what you know about Apple cider vinegar. Inspired by summers on the coast of the mediterranean, VINA Fresca’s are light, sparkling water with the added nutritional benefit of ACV. A natural digestive, VINA Fresca’s are delicious, drinkable and also allow you to devour that bowl of seafood pasta, knowing you will digest it quicker!

VINA is crafted to share our passion for making healthy invigorating drinks with the world and not just family and friends anymore.