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TBH is Here. Stranger Things Have Happened.

June 1st, 2022

Since their launch, TBH has established itself as the go-to hazelnut cocoa spread that’s better for you and better for the planet. They’ve since partnered with Showfields, Pop-up Grocer, and female-found cookie dough brand, TOTO, with more in the works! TBH is now available at all 8 Erewhon locations.

"tbh customers have shown us that households are ready to swap the bad stuff for the good stuff, with massive growth in subscriptions month over month as well as Subscribe and Save on Amazon in the first two weeks alone. Our mighty team of ladies is executing with lightning speed, with an invocation pipeline that will continue to create planet first, better for you nostalgic deliciousness!" — Elena Guberman, CEO, TBH

"After a short six months post-launch we are already making strides towards becoming the new staple spread of nationwide households. We've been experimenting with fast delivery partners like gopuff and Amazon and are so excited to begin our retail expansion to get tbh in even more hands. We move fast and we work hard but most importantly, we are having fun with it and I think that really shows through our branding and what we openly share with our community." — Ilana Wayne, Head of Marketing, TBH