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Vina Selected for The Dieline's Best in Packaging Awards 2022

May 31st, 2022

This year, The Dieline featured an article on Vina, our in-house beverage brand. Designed by HERE's Creative Director, Jason Bleick, the design and packaging of Vina was shortlisted to 3rd place for the Best in Packaging Awards. Here's a snippet from the article written by Rudy Sanchez:

"Vina’s new look manages to be chic and sophisticated while being low-key and unpretentious. The refresh infers wellness and serenity, but also fun and fashionable. If it were possible to capture a west coast kind of vibe in a can, Vina might be it.

The relaunched Vina is available now in select Whole Foods and Erewhon stores in Southern California and online for everyone else at DrinkVina.com."

The Dieline Best in Packaging Awards 2022