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With so many choices in the world, its getting tougher to have a real point of difference when it comes to design and branding. We challenged ourselves to answer the question, what makes something great? We still haven’t completely solved this, but after asking the same question over and over, we landed on some ideas. What does it take to build something that people recognize as a superior product or service? Like the timeless Land Rover Defender. What does it take to build something that will stand the test of time? That will resonate with a large enough audience? That at the end of the day you can say - it was all worth it.

It takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and anything great certainly wasn’t.
It take guts. To build something really great takes guts, it takes having the attitude of “say yes, and figure it out later.”
It takes the right team. I learned this from the get-go. You can’t do everything - although as entrepreneurs we always try.
It takes empowering your team. Learning to let go. There is so much joy in empowering your team to be a part of the process.
It takes admitting you are scared but doing it anyway. It’s the scared that makes it great. Doing something really great professionally or personally takes guts

Now, how to resonate with that large audience? The universal languages are your friend….



Cooking, recipes,
food photography


We are obsessed with Bon Appétit. Its no secret. Jamie Oliver started a movement in the UK that embraced un-fussy, gorgeously shot, delicious food and high production quality. He quickly gained serious momentum outside of his regular BBC show. Bon Appétit (under the careful stewardship of Adam Rapoport) picked up that mantel and ran all the way with it here in the USA. We love it when good design, production and photography meet delicious food, with a laser pointer on the UX. Our approach is just that. Make the experience look, sound and feel bloody exceptional!



Familiar with a “
twist meets innovation 


There have been numerous books, movies and TV shows all focussed on how good design happens and the luminaries that have carved a timeless path.

Ultimately, we get high on brands. We spend quality time with packaging. We get intimate with it! Not in a Sex Panther kind of way, but in a 'who and why and 'wow that looks (and often tastes) good'. When branding or design is simple, it defies being a brand. It becomes it. Thats our sweet spot. Jean Prouvé managed to create something so simple, but so timeless due to its honest, practical approach.

This is how we try to approach each project. How do we communicate what this product or service is trying to achieve, in as little words, phrases, shapes as possible.



DJ'S, producing, sharing,
listening and dancing!


Music is a true passion. It's also obsessive at levels. The true universal language, along with food. It moves you emotionally and can change you. Change your mood. Change the way you see things. The Walkman changed the way we saw cities in the 80's. The Ipod in the 2000's gave us a new perspective for music and travel. Music is linked to identity. Where would Rocky be without that theme tune, or Childish Gambino and 'that video' that is burned in your memory. We love making those connections in our work.





Love will save the day!
It always does

Falling in love,
Being in love,
Loving someone
Loving something
Missing something that makes you realize you love it
Going the extra mile
Spending the extra money
Putting yourself out
Going out on a limb

We could go on, but its true that we try to convey love in everything we do, so that our clients create things that they fall in love with, and in-turn, that early majority does!