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Founded in 2018 by Alex Matthews & Scot Delorme, VINA is putting a modern spin on what you know about soda! 


Over the last 3 years, Alex has been encouraged by what he's seen in other categories. Legacy products that had gone unthwarted for decades were being turned on their heads by challenger brands offering equally great taste but with the added goodness of functional essentials. 

In some ways, soda has been headed in the right direction and Alex felt like we could do more. Most of the early disruptors designed to keep you operating at your personal best were about a single symptom and rarely the cause.



A HERE Original!

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We challenged ourselves to cram “The Smarts’ (fiber, minerals, ACV) into VINA for unprecedented functionality and flavors that are lip smacking good + a brand that was fun, evocative and irregular. 


We had a gut feeling that soda could be smart. And this way of thinking is supported by leading neurologists. The brain-gut connection is a must-have for optimal mind-body balance and a healthy life. 

Think of VINA like this, it’s not just a better soda, it’s a smarter soda. We absolutely love this product (especially the taste) and what it does for consumers.


Founder & Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Creative Director — Jason Bleick
Graphic Design — Seth Gouker
Brand Strategy — Taylor Harrell
Brand Marketing — Megan Abbott
Brand Marketing — Melody Rand