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TBH is a new snacking company focused on up-ending Nutellaโ€™s position as the leading hazelnut spread.

Founded in 2021 in collaboration with Umana Studio, HERE Studio and Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things), TBH is a new snacking company focused on up-ending Nutellaโ€™s position at the leading hazelnut spread by offering a unique set of product attributes and values that set it apart.

Nutella uses Palm Oil, well publicized for extreme deforestation in Brazil and other countries, high sugar, conventional dairy and is low in protein. TBH is the antidote to this old-school aging approach to the category.



Brand Strategy
Brand Foundations
Mission, Vision, Values
Reason For Being
Brand Manifesto
Primary Messaging
Brand Identity
Brand Guide
Visual Language
Website Design
Website UX Development
Website Build
Emailer Design
Social Grid Content


Using modern manufacturing techniques and thinking, and Noahs profile, TBH has plans to be become the market leader in the USA. We needed to capture the minds of Gen Z and progressive mums who are choosing better for you products.

Launching in 2021, TBH features no palm oil, low sugar, high protein and a recipe that is hard to tell apart from Nutella.


Starting from inception, HERE Studio led brand strategy, identity, visual, creative content and post launch social.


Executive Creative Director โ€” Alex Matthews
Creative Director โ€” Sandy Yang
Designer โ€” Jason Bleick
Designer โ€” Megan Forbes
Designer โ€” Seth Gouker
Copy โ€” Taylor Harrell
Foundational Copy โ€” Diane Lieu
Web Design โ€” Thomas Williams
Web Development โ€” Riley Arntz


โ€œWe are thrilled with the work from HERE Studio! The attention to detail and thoughtful approach has really paid off with the brand creation and web UX. We have ambitious plans for TBH, and feel like the team at HERE have given his the foundations to really grow into a big company.โ€
โ€” Ba Minuzzi, Umana Studio