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Smize Cream

Founded by Tyra Banks, Smize Cream is the poster child of Tyra’s obsession with ice cream.

Named after her infamous stint on America’s Next Top Model, SMIZING is smiling with your eyes (if you can believe it, give it a go!) Smize Cream features a hidden surprise in every pint, and will offer a range of flavors that are all tied to a kids story book, written and developed by Tyra.



Brand ID
Character Development
Copy Writing
Social Icons


Our scope was to create a brand that would be synonymous with the best ice cream on the planet, backed by deep story telling and characters from the books that also includes a string of brick and mortar retail outlets across Southern California.


Following an immersive discovery, and using materials provided by Tyra, we created a world of Smize Cream that included brand ID, pint design, social icons and characters that take inspiration from the stories told by Tyra.

The end results are fun, kid focussed pints that pull at the heart strings of your youth nostalgically taking you into a world of Smize Cream digitally and physically through its stores.


Creative Director — Alex Matthews
Art Director — Sandy Yang
Designer — Ben Booth
Project Management — Madison Jennings