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Brand Design + Packaging For Forager Project

Creative Direction by Alex Matthews (2018)

Alex Matthews was invited by Stephen Williamson to join Forager Project as Chief Marketing Officer in January 2018.

Stephen, a visionary force, has a long history with CPG beverage at Odwalla and since 2013, with rapidly growing non-diary food company Forager Project.

Forager Project is an organic, plant-based California crafted food company. Forager Project make exceptionally great tasting Cashewgurt®, Cashewmilk, Probiotic Drinkable Cashewgurt®, Cultured Smoothies and Organic Leafy Green Tortilla Chips.

Alex, along with the talented Hannah Ells and Sandy Yang (previously with Juice Served Here) set out to achieve the brief set by Stephen. Increase turns on the shelf by unifying the product line up, improving visual appeal on the shelf and activating amplification channels by creating and implementing a holistic strategy.